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Glitches Part 3

Guide created by RattleMan and AJ. If you have any questions, please visit the Glitches Forums

The Guide is layed out as follows:

Difficulty: This explains the difficulty of the glitch.
Requirements: Any thing you absolutely need to preform this glitch.
Character: What character you need to preform this glitch.
Level: The Level it is performed on.

CA. Reuse Animals
Contributed by SonicHackr2000

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Any
Level: Chao Garden

Get in a chao garden with some animals. Find a chao that isn't moving and get
about 1/2 an inch away from it and let go of the animal. The Chao might take
it's power without holding the animal so you can reuse that animal again.

CB. Chao Swimming Under The Ground

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Hero Garden Unlocked
Character: Sonic/Shadow
Level: Hero Chao Garden

Do the glitch to get outta the garden first. After that float out really far so
you can no longer see the garden (I recomend turning the camera so you are
looking at Shadow's face the whole time that way you can see when the garden is
outta site). Now float around out there for a while. After maybe 3 minutes or
so of being out there float back. Now go to the side of the garden that is
OPPOSITE of the pool (In other words go back to the spot where you got out
from). Now float to the left side of that and go through the steep part of the
grass under the island. Be careful under here though because you might end up
back on the ground. Now float to the middle of the island and you should see
your chao there with you swimming. When you get back on the island you can see
there balls from there heads sticking outta the ground. If you want them back
up to the top, just pick them up(sometimes ou can't from the angel though),
Spindash, or just leave the garden and re-enter.

CC. Walking On The Chao Exit

Difficulty: Hard
Requirments: SA2, Access To Stairs leading To Hero Garden
Character: Rouge, Knuckles
Level: Chao Lobby

Go to the top of the stairs leading to the Hero Garden and jump and glide. Go
to the top of the chao exit and keep gliding. If your lucky you might land on
the edge and you will run on it for a while.

CD. No Way To Say "No"

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Any
Level: Chao Lobby

Go to the chao lobby and walk back into the exit/entrance. If will say "Leaving
Chao Garden OK?". Now if you try to select no it won't let you it's just greyed

NOTE: "The Original Zell" has told me that you CAN select "No" but you just
have to use the D-Pad. Thanks Zell.

CE. Creating A LOT Of Stars 2

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Tails
Level: Eternal Engine

Go to one of those big doors that opens from the middle to the side. run into
the corner of where a little bit of door is sticking out. Keep running into the
door and a bunch of stars will start shooting out from Tails.

CF. The Corner Of Doom

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Tails
Level: Eternal Engine

Go to the checkpoint with the Omochao that talks about the bombs on the doors.
You will see a door with bombs on it infront and to the right of you. Run into
the top right corner and shoot booth the doors. Now keep running into the
corner. One of two things will end up happening. Tails will either get sucked
through the wall to his doom or he will give this sudden jolt and say "SONIC!"
as if he fell out of the ship. You can run for like 3 seconds after that but
the screen will then fade away as if you died.

CG. Running Up The Pyrimid

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2:B
Character: Metal Sonic
Level: Grind Race

Take the rail down until you are really close to the pyrimid. Jump off onto it
and start running. Since Metal Sonic has the best excelleration he will go up
to the top of it and then start going higher and higher. He will soon be
running in mid air.

NOTE: This IS possible with the other characters just harder. You will have to
Spindash a whole lot to do it.

CH. Omochao In The Water
Contributed by Kevin Duong

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Knuckles
Level: Aquatic Mine

First drain the water to level two. Now go over to the Omochao and activate it.
Drill dive it and run over to the edge of the water. Now the omochao SHOULD try
to get back to it's spot but hit an imaginery ramp and fall into the water and

CI. Red Omochao
Contributed by Kevin Duong

Difficulty: Easy-Hard
Requirments: SA2
Character: Rouge
Level: Security Hall

Go over to an Omochao and hit it while it's speaking. Hit it four more times
and then pick it up. It will be red and smoking like you hit it instead of
being normal like it should be while your holding it.

CJ. Stuck In A Swirling Camera

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic/Shadow
Level: 2 player Green Forest

Go to the first check point as either character. Jump and land just under that
first arch and you might get stuck in a weird camera glitch where the camera
just spins when you walk. This also might work in 1 player mode

CK. Hanging By Your Head

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Pyramid Cave

Play through the level until you see the first chao, which will be standing in
the air. Grab it and hit the hour glass and run through the door. Hit the
spring and Sonic will hang by his head on the pully for a short while.

CL. Fall Through The Floor SA2:B Style
Conrtibuted by Ben Schoenfeldt

Difficulty: Easy
Requiments: SA2:B
Characters: Metal Sonic and Amy
Level: Any Action Race

Select Metal Sonic and Amy for the Action Race. As soon as you begin to fall
mash the control stick to the left and you will fall through the floor. The
camera won't fallow you and after a while you will appear at the first

CM. No Moving Mouth When Talking
Contributed by SmashBrosMelee66

Difficulty: N/A
Requirments: SA2
Characters: N/A
Level: N/A

Not really a glitch but I'll still add it..If you look at the people in the
cutscenes somtimes when they talk sometimes the mouths don't move.

CN. Upgrades In The Past
Contributed by SmashBrosMelee66

Difficulty: N/A
Requirments: SA2, All of Shadows Upgrades
Characters: N/A
Level: N/A

Also quite basic but it technically Is a glitch. If you look at Shadow in the
scenes in the past he will have the current upgrades you have gotten so far.

CO. Don't Shake Dying Trees
Contributed by ScienceGuy465783

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Must Have A Tree Planted In The Garden
Characters: Any
Level: Chao Garden

Sometimes if you shake a tree when it's dying it might freeze the game. I'm not
sure if this could erase your game file or not, but just incase you might want
to copy your data to a new slot to be safe.

CP. Another Infinite Fall
Contributed by True_Yoshi

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2:B
Characters: Sonic
Level: Crazy Gadget

At the part where you are on the ceiling with the three gravity switches point
down left and right, select right. Go to the rail but don't grind. Jump off the
ledge and you should fall forever.

CQ. Mysterious Ring 2
Contributed by Sk8erdude20

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Characters: Knuckles
Level: Death Chamber

This Mysterious ring is over by the spot where big is at.

CR. Use The Street Board Anywhere In Metal Harbor
Contributed by Kulock

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Characters: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

This is an awesome glitch. Ok first off, go through the level until you get to
the rocket. When it's taking off, hold
the Y button on controller 2. You will notice that Sonic will have the board at
his feet now. When you fall you will most likely miss the ventalation Shaft.
Start the level over and from now on ANYTIME you press Y on the second
controller in that level, Sonic will get on the street board, it will be
invisable but he will be on it. Keep in mind that this does save, that's not a
bad thing though it just makes it so if you turned off the game and turned it
back on and went to that level you wouldn't have to activate it by doing the
rocket part, you could just press Y and he would hop on his inviable board.
Also as a little side note, when he is the board on, he falls faster, so it
makes it so you might fall in the water if you hit a spring or something. You
can also "turn on the board" in mid air too, although doing so will make you
imediatly fall to the ground, so be careful where you do it at.

CS. Die In A Waterfall

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Access to Green Hill
Characters: Sonic
Level: Green Hill Zone

Play through the level until you get to that little hole that sends you in that
S shaped tunnel. Instead of going into it to to the left. Spindash and jump off
the cliffs and go into the side of the waterfall. Sonic will say "No!" and
float down. The odd thing is if you float back out into the open you will still
slowly fall down and it acts like you're still in the water.

CT. Messed Up Tunneling

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Access to Green Hill
Characters: Sonic
Level: Green Hill Zone

This is somewhat a glitch and somewhat...not o.o...Anyway just go to that S
shaped tunnel and go into it. If you look at sonic you will notice he is in his
charging a spin dash pose instead of his rolling pose. Since he is like this he
will stick through the wall, which makes it not look right.

CU. Non-Solid Tunnel

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Access to Green Hill
Characters: Sonic
Level: Green Hill Zone

Go to the bottom of the S Shaped Tunnel OR the middle section with the check
point. Jump and homing attack over the speed boster and try to jo backwords up
into the hole. The camera should show the tunnel section again but yuo can't
walk in. Spindash into the hole and you might land in the tunnel, there are
only a few spots that are solid, he others u just fall through into the water.

CV. Outside The Normal Chao Garden
Contributed by Kel Bel and Chelmiester10

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2:B
Characters: Sonic or Shadow
Level: Normal Chao Garden

Go to the normal chao garden and go over to the cliffs, on a tiny small cliff
in the very back there should be a purple flower. go to the corner and just
keep homing attacking and you should go out.

CW. Outside The Dark Chao Garden

Requirments: SA2
Characters: Sonic or Shadow
Level: Dark Chao Garden

Ok lemme first say this. This is basically ALL luck. Go over to the VMU thing
and go behind it. A little to the left you should see a big crease in the
mountain where the two Polygon walls meet. It's a pretty big indent so it's not
hard to miss. Walk into it and stop. If you're lucky Sonic will start sliding.
Sometimes all over the garden or just along the wall. Well if you touch
anything or move he stops. Wait till he gets a little inside a walla(or VERY
close to it) and if he stops there, charge a spindash and he will slide into it
a little more. If he sildes deep enough you will fall through.. Keep in mind
this could take HOURS to do. If you can find a better way of getting out of the
garden please E-mail me.

CX. Fall Forever In The Ending Pose

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Characters: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

Do the glitch to have the street board anywhere. Then go through the level(not
on the board of course since there are areas you can't get past) and after you
hit the ring and Sonic starts his winning pose, press Y on controller 2. Sonic
will slide off into the water as the statistics pop up and just fall forever in
the Abyss.

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