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Action Replay Boss Guide

Here is a guide explaining which bosses work and which don't with the Action Replay codes:

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Action Replay Boss Guide
Boss NameCan Racers
Can Shooters
Can Mechless
Shooters Beat?
Can Treasure
Hunters Beat?
2P Battle
Big FootYesYesUnable to dismountYesYes
Hot ShotYesYesNoYesPartial
Tails/Robotnik(Weapons Bed)ImpossibleYesUnable to dismountImpossible2P CPU
Flying DogYesYesNoYesPartial
Sonic/Shadow(Green Forest)YesImpossibleUnable to dismountImpossible2P CPU
Egg GolemYesNormally: Yes Action Replay: NoTails: Yes
Robotnik: No*
King Boom BooYesImpossibleNoYesPartial
Knuckles/Rouge(Meteor Herd)ImpossibleImpossibleUnable to dismountYes2P CPU
Tails/Robotnik(ARK Station)ImpossibleYesUnable to dismountImpossible2P CPU
Sonic/Shadow(ARK Runway)YesNoUnable to dismountImpossible2P CPU
FinalHazardYesUnable to UseUnable to UseUnable to UseGame
Big Foot Battle:
There's honestly not much of interest to this battle, aside from the fact it's the only one of the three GUN Mech battles that doesn't allow Tails and Robotnik to hop out of their own mechs, as it were. Everyone can hit and defeat the thing, and there's no Two Player glitches, as far as I can tell.

Hot Shot Battle:
I have yet to find a way to defeat Hot Shot with either Tails or Robotnik outside of their Mechs). Plain as that.

Two Player mode works as follows. First person to destroy Hot Shot wins. The lifebars both display the same energy, so it goes without saying that in theory, two players could double-team it. Although the delay between attacks is more than enough to plan an endless circle of attacks for one person, anyway. Racers have infinite lives, Shooters can take infinite hits. Treasure Hunters, however, must not die. If they die, upon revivals(as normal in Vs. Mode games), the game crashes.

Tails/Robotnik in Weapons Bed Battle:
It is physically impossible to trigger a One Player battle using Racers, or Treasure Hunters. They land, and the camera is quite literally where they land -- in the dead center of the area, but there's no opponent. At all.

Something fun to do, however. . . Go into Two Player mode with the Sonic/Shadow in Green Forest code activated. Load up a Shooter game. Select Tails, Robotnik, Chao Walker, or Dark Chao Walker, one for either side. Player One will be free to move about, but Player Two will be controlled by the computer, using the same movements as the One Player battle! Once you defeat the computer, that's the end of that. You win, computer loses. Unless of course, you decided to use a Racer or Treasure Hunter. Then the computer will fall back into the center of the area, full life bar, and just. . .stand there.
Interestingly enough, there is no split screen if you do a Shooters game. It controls exactly like the One Player match would. Even without the "Remove Split Screen" code.

Flying Dog Battle:
Much as with Hot Shot, I have yet to find a way to defeat Flying Dog with Tails or Robotnik themselves. Their mechs, however, can defeat the Flying Dog with little resistance. Also with the Hot Shot battle, using Treasure Hunters to fight this boss battle in Two Player mode, for whatever reason, crashes the game. Specifically, it crashes whenever someone revives, or picks up a ring, apparently.

On a more amusing note, however, when using Tails in his mech, the "y" in "Flying Dog" disappears, turning the title card into "Fl 'ing Dog".

Sonic/Shadow in Green Forest Battle:
It is physically impossible to trigger a One Player battle using the Shooters, or the Treasure Hunters. They land, and the camera is quite literally where they land -- in the dead center of the area, but there's no opponent.

Something fun to do, however. . . Go into Two Player mode with the Sonic/Shadow in Green Forest code activated. Load up a Race game. Select Sonic, Shadow, Amy, or Metal Sonic, one for either side. Player One will be free to move about, but Player Two will be controlled by the computer, using the same movements as the One Player battle! I had a fun time fighting Metal Sonic using Amy Rose, doing that. Unfortunately, there is no way to win, this way. Once you defeat the computer, it'll just keep falling off the side of the screen, like it'd just taken its final hit.
Also. . . It's quite pointless to try and use the Shooters, or Treasure Hunters in Two Player mode.

Egg Golem Battle:
A good deal of research on this battle was already done by forum member "Just Me," so I'll simply repeat what she said, in my own words. "Paraphrasing".

Basically, just about anyone can beat this huge-ass monstrosity of stone and circuitry. Even Robotnik himself(without his mech), if you have a little Action Replay help. But it gets a little more tricky, using anyone aside from Sonic or Shadow.
As Knuckles, Rouge, Tails, or Robotnik,(the latter two being without their mechs, in this case), be warned. If you fall into the sand, you will not sink. You will just keep right on falling, without dying, and eventually, this will lock up your game. If you actually wait that long. Time to Restart or Exit.
There's not much to keep in mind, as Knuckles/Rouge. Just do as normal. Run around, avoid the hands, hop up the platforms, knock the Golem on the head. It's a little more tricky with Miles, however. He actually can't jump high enough to clear the gaps in the circle of platforms, so what he has to do is jump, and fly. Robotnik, however, flatly can not jump across the gaps. Period. Not unless you have your Action Replay Mega Jump code on. Then you may as well just float up to the top of the Golem's head and slap/kick the thing to death. Robotnik/Tails can't grab the pulley things down at the bottom of the sand pit, either. As far as I can tell, anyway.
Using the Action Replay code, you actually can't get Tails/Robotnik to fight the Egg Golem with their mechs. For some reason, it triggers the quicksand trigger,(usually reserved for Sonic and Shadow), except you don't sink. And seeing as when Robotnik usually sinks in the quicksand, he can't jump. . . Well. . . That's exactly it. Tails/Robotnik can't jump to undo it, nor can they fire their weaponry. You're better off playing the level normally.

There is one more item of business, here. In Two Player mode, using Racers seems to work just fine, even though Amy Rose can't jump from platform to platform on the back of the Egg Golem. Not enough height.), but don't try using Shooters. Usually, Player Two starts out in the sand, and dies, until after the Egg Golem introduction is finished. When this happens, the game would normally trigger a "win" event for Player One. However, with the introduction playing. . .it just ends up crashing the game. Simple as that.
Also, don't try using Treasure Hunters, for the very same reason. Player Two always ends up in a perpetual freefall, which will eventually lock up the game. That, and for whatever reason, collecting a ring will freeze the game. Why? As with Flying Dog, I am quite clueless.

King Boom Boo Battle:
Now. . . I can honestly say that is it physically impossible, to defeat King Boom Boo with the Shooters. Basically, the Shooters(mechs or not) can't dig him out of the ground/walls! So it's pretty impossible to hurt him in any way.
Also. . . For some reason, whenever you lock on to the little ghost familiar(the little dude carrying the hourglass) and fire your seeker shots using a mech, whenever the shot hits, it usually locks up the game. Therefore, coding-wise, it's impossible to win.

Two Player Treasure Hunt battles are fun, with this boss battle. See. . . King Boom Boo always runs away from Player One, leaving Player Two free to pummel the crap out of him. If you're quick enough, I would imagine you could get in three. . .maybe even all four hits in one turn of the hourglass.
All modes of Two Player battle for King Boom Boo work, except for Shooters, for the aforementioned lock-up reason. Why you'd want to try Shooters mode, however, is beyond me.
Finally, as a random note, if you use Shooters, it goes full screen for you. There's still two boss meters, two ring counters, etc. etc., but it's full screen for Player One.
And finally, King Boom Boo floats a little slower than your Player One chosen character. This is rather amusing to watch when you use a really slow-moving character, such as the Dark Chao Walker, really.

Thanks go to the 16-Bit Terror for his help with some into in this section.

Knuckles/Rouge in Meteor Herd Battle:
As could be predicted from the other Playable Character vs. Playable Character battles, you simply cannot fight against a computer controlled Shadow/Sonic or Tails/Robotnik in One Player mode. Your character drops down, and can run around on the transparent floor overlapping the magma vent(the shutters can't be seen), and can even walk outside of the gate boundaries(into an endless free fall. . .), but that's it.

Two Player vs. mode. . . Hm. . .what can I say about this. . . Well. . . The Racers, even Metal Sonic, all seem to work rather well in this mode, Player Two, of course, being computer controlled, as usual. Player Two will use their Level 2(I think it is) attacks whenever, as Rouge did. But they won't try and attack you normally, or anything. Just run around you, usually rub up against you and whatnot. And, for whatever reason, playing Two Player Treasure Hunt will crash the game, much as it does in the Flying Dog Two Player battle. Specifically, when you grab a ring. Why? I still don't know.
Now. . .Holy. . .crap. I've never seen Robotnik be so freaking vicious!! If we weren't both completely invincible to one another's attacks, he would've smeared me across the tower, at Meteor Herd. I don't know exactly why, but using Rouge's attack patterns, Shooters become extremely vicious powerhouses, for the most part.

Tails/Robotnik in ARK Space Station Battle:
This is exactly like the Tails/Robotnik battle back at the Weapons Bed, note-wise. With the exception that the Treasure Hunters, for some reason, start out in pitch blackness. And by that, I mean you can't see a damned thing at all.

Two Player mode is a mix of the Weapons Bed battle, and the Meteor Herd battle, in the aspect that, when using Racer types, after three attacks, Player Two starts resorting to their Level 2/Level 3 attacks(Chaos Spear, Storming Heart, Sonic Wind, etc./Chaos Control, Amy Flash, Time Freeze, etc.). As with the One Player Treasure Hunter battle, one side of the screen is pitch black, while the other is a starfield. No one can do anything. . . Lastly, the Shooter battles are. . .really freaking weird. See. . .no matter who you pick as the Player Two character. . .there'll always be two of them running around, blindly firing at you. Stupid, really. One has the windshield/transparency effects, the other doesn't. The one that doesn't usually ends up breaking anyway. Oh, that, and you're both invincible, much like with using Shooters with any battle you're not supposed to.(Aside from the Weapons Bed battle, it seems.)

Sonic/Shadow on ARK Runway Battle:
Fun facts about this battle. . .
In One Player mode, if you use the Shooters, you can freely run on the collapsing runway. However, you'll have no targets, you'll have no opponent, you'll have nothing to do. As for the Treasure Hunters. . .it's a no-go. The game locks up the very instant you try and move. Why? I don't know. You can, however, jump in place, if you want, as well as dive down. There's nothing that's digable, though.

In Two Player mode, if you want to have some serious, one-player fun, run this stage. As with Green Forest, the computer will take ahold of the second player, no matter who they are. They will appear in the middle of space, standing there, posing, Player Two's character standing beside a copy of themselves(the copy is the computer controlled one), and after the poses, the normal "running side-by-side" thing starts. After that, the race runs normally.
Some fun things to do would be to pit, say, Sonic against Amy Rose, or Metal Sonic against Shadow. This also works, though not quite as well, with the shooters. I've put the Dark Chao Walker against the Chao Walker before. Instead of the normal Chaos Spear attack, it shot off the missile barrage. Same with Amy's special. Oh, and yes, if you pull out too far ahead, they will Chaos Control back up in front of you, no matter who they are. Once you beat them, however, they'll go back to the start and end up perpetually falling to their deaths, back in Player Two's control.
Warning: Do not try to set a battle with Metal Sonic as the opponent. Due to the fact he has no special attacks, the game will lock up. Interestingly enough, instead of Metal Sonic posing beside the "to-race" Metal Sonic, we see Amy Rose posing. After that, the game freezes.

Biolizard Battle:
Normally, it's physically impossible to defeat Biolizard with anyone but the Racer types. Using the Action Replay and the Mega Jump(Z+A for floating) code, however, I was actually able to defeat Biolizard with everyone but mechless Robotnik. And here's how.

Sonic/Shadow: Float over Biolizard's life support system, and homing attack down on it.
Miles/Robotnik: Float up a little, and wildly fire towards the life support system. Yes, fire on it. The normal shots will hit.
Mechless Miles: Float up, in flying mode, and simply rub up against it. The tails will usually hit it.
Mechless Robotnik: Float up over the life support system, and. . . I don't know. I've yet to find a way to successfully attack as Robotnik.
Knuckles/Rouge: Float up over the life support system(See a pattern, here?) and dive bomb it!!

Now. . . Two Player mode is almost sort of works, against Biolizard. If not for the fact that Player Two is jammed in a perpetual injury/death stance, due to where s/he starts out, anyway. Oddly, for some odd reason, when Player Two dies, Player One receives an uncontrollable knock-back of some sort. Biolizard also stops whatever he was doing, and sort of "resets" to his very first movements. Rather irritating.

FinalHazard Battle:
Is it absolutely without a doubt impossible to use anyone but Super Sonic and Super Shadow for this battle, due to the fact that none of the normal character routines can be loaded. See, Super Sonic and Super Shadow are, as can be expected, not in the normal roster of characters. They were designed to be used in one, and only one stage -- that stage being FinalHazard's stage. This in mind, as aforementioned, the normal character routines never even have a remote chance to load, and are never, ever loaded into this stage.

Also. . . Two Player mode is impossible, as well, being that the game crashes for some reason, before displaying the first letter of "the FinalHazard".

General Notes:

All Vs. Playable Character battles, when run in Two Player Vs. mode,
will have Player Two be completely under computer control.

Sometimes, running a boss stage in Two Player Vs. Mode can prevent you
from Exiting through the Continue/Restart/Exit menu, and end up locking the game.
When beating a boss with mechless Tails/Robotnik, there are no victory poses. You just see the boss being defeated, and that's about it.
Also, whenever you do Two Player Vs. mode, a good portion of the time, Player Two is misplaced. Both players end up misplaced, as well, on random bosses, especially if you aren't supposed to use whatever character for that boss.

ULTRA Thanks to Joseph Collins for making this guide

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