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Sonic the Fighters / Sonic Championship

Platform: Arcade (System32)

About the game:

Sonic the Fighters (Sonic Championship in US arcades), is a fighting game. The game's original title is used in North American and European releases of Sonic Gems Collection.
It's widely known that an employee at AM2 added Sonic the Hedgehog characters into a copy of the fighting game Fighting Vipers. In an interview with Hiroshi Kataoka by, it was revealed that Masahiro Sugiyama, character designer for both Sonic the Fighters and Fighting Vipers, was the one who inserted Sonic, Tails, Daichi Katagiri, and presumably Yu Suzuki or Yuji Naka into the game. Yu Suzuki saw this and decided to present the idea of a 3D Sonic fighting game to Hiroshi Kataoka. He then presented the idea to Yuji Naka. Initial thoughts about the game were that the game would give Sonic a negative and violent image, and Kataoka thought Naka would not approve, but Naka loved the idea and did approve of the game's development. This was Sonic's first three-dimentional debut and had Naka's full support.


Eggman has built the Death Egg II and plans to take revenge against the planet. Eggman sends his Robo minions to the planet which cause chaos and destruction all over. Meanwhile, Tails discovers that a second Death Egg has been built and alerts Sonic. The only way to get to the Death Egg II would be to use Tails' Lunar Rocket, however, it can only carry a single pilot and requires the energy of eight Chaos Emeralds. Each character holds a single Chaos Emerald, and a tournament is held to decide who will win all of the Emeralds and face Eggman on the Death Egg II. As each character is defeated, the winner gains the opponent's Chaos Emerald, bringing them one step closer to help save the world. Eventually, a character must face their clone enemy which Eggman creates in his UFO-like craft. Once the champion of the tournament is decided, they fly to the Death Egg II and are met by a feirce opponent, Metal Sonic. Once Metal Sonic is defeated, the Chaos Emeralds become hyper and the character is taken to the main control center of the new Death Egg. There, they face Eggman in a powerful mechanical unit for one final battle, and they only have 30 seconds before the Death Egg II explodes. Using the power of the Hyper Emeralds the character either defeats Eggman and escape using the Lunar Fox, or is doomed to explode with the Death Egg II.

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