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Prototype Screenshots

Earliest Fighting Vipers Tests

All of the following shots are from Fighting Vipers using a Sonic-style arena.

Screenshot of Fighting Vipers select screen with Sonic and Tails

Here is the image recreated in an emulator.

Very Early Sonic the Fighters Build

Early Models

Early Models

Early Models and Flying Carpet Arena (Arena is not flying like it does in the final, all the screenshots are in the same area)

Early Models

Early Models

Early Amy

Early Models (Ignore tails in the lower left, he's part of another picture)

Early Models in what appears to be a pinball machine

Early amy again, and the carpet is still in the same area

Early Models in what appears to be a pinball machine

Early Models in what appears to be a pinball machine

Early Models in what appears to be a pinball machine

Sonic waving his finger, which doesn't happen in the game. These shots are the earliest screenshots of actual Sonic the Fighters gameplay, and not modified Fighting Vipers levels.

Early Models

Sonic the Fighters Beta

South Island

Nothing different from final in this shot.

Same, no differences.


Aurora Icefield

This screenshot features a ring around the arena simmilar to Casino Night's. In the final game, these are replaced with giant ice walls. Also note that the health bar for Player 1 is blue, and yellow for Player 2. Both of them are green in the final version of the game.

Again, the different ring and health bars.

This "WINNER" screen never appears. Could have possibly been used durring 2 player matches, or this was used before a chaos emerald plotline was created. "YOU LOSE", however appears in the game in this same font, in a red color when you lose a match in single-player mode, which suggests that this was used in single player as well.

Close to the final build. No apparent differences.

Mushroom Hill

Here, you can see an extremely early Mushroom Hill. All of the mushrooms surrounding the arena are the same and are probably not animated. The rings flying from Knuckles are extremely low-poly, and are much smoother in the final build. Also, when Tails executes this move, the opponent squishes up and down like rubber, however it must not have been implemented yet in this build of the game. And again, we have the different health bars.

Same differences.

Here, Sonic isn't small and squished. In the final version of the game, when Amy uses this particular PikoPiko hammer attack, the opponent becomes small and immobile. Evdience suggests that this feature was implemented late in development.

When Sonic does his spindash in the final build, he switches from being visable to being a solid object, there is never a transparent ball around him. Also, the spindash smoke is different.

Close to final build, no apparent differences.

Casino Night

A completely different Casino Night arena. First, there are no dice in the background. Second, the arena's ring has card suits inside the border, in this screenshot, they are missing.

No card suit border again.

Dynamyte Plant

Other than the "NO BARRIER!" having red lines around it, there is no visable difference between this and the final build.

No difference.

No difference.

The arrows you see are a part of the magazine that this screenshot was taken from, and not from the game in any way.

Nothing new.


Giant Wing

Other than the plane's engines being heavily shaded, nothing is new here...

... here ...

.. here, however, I do not recall Espio's tongue attack having such a far range.

Death Egg's Eye

I can not tell you how impossible this is in the final build, even with modification. This is the arena where the final Eggman boss if fought. The barriers of the arena are not shown, and the floor has not changed. In the final version of this game, as soon as this level is accessed, it goes into a cutscene, displaying the seconds countdown, and rising the floor up, just like after Metal Sonic is defeated. The arena then transforms into what is seen here. After that, the floor begins to transform and eventually, the walls appear. At this point in development, however, it seems that only the basic level was implemented, and the cutscene wasn't. It could be possible that this was just an outer-space arena at one point, but this is highly unlikely.

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