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Honey the Cat was first discovered when examing values in Sonic Gems Collection's version of Sonic the Fighters. Her model would not load as it was removed from the game, however, the model data still exists in the arcade version.

In the original arcade ROM, Honey is fully playable.
Some of Honey's moves:
Punch, Punch, Punch: "One, Two Upper"
Punch + Kick: "Propeller Dash"
Punch + Guard: "Knuckle Special"
Towards + Punch: "Big Slap"
Up, Punch: "Head Whallop"
down + Punch: "Dash Spin"
Up + Kick: "Stomping Dive"
Down + Kick: "Stomp Foot"

Honey at character select screen: The Name "? ? ?" suggests that she was a bonus character which you would fight.

Honey's loading screen: Again, the "? ? ?" before a fight would surprise the player. No other secret or unplayable character has this title.

If two players decide to play as the same character in Sonic the Fighters, one player ends up with a grayscale clone of that character. Instead of a grayscale clone, Honey has two different outfits. This is much like her two outfits seen in Fighting Vipers, and helps suggest that this Honey was playable at one point in development.

Normally Honey is invisible in the Gamecube version, and crashes the game unless loaded with a model such as Sonic's, which is why you see Sonic's body.

Honey normally has a tail and a longer hairstyle, simmilar to her Fighting Vipers counterpart, but due to a flaw in the current Model2b emulator, they are not displayed. They can, however, be shown for one frame before they disappear.

In the game, Honey's eyes never look quite right. This is because her eye data was never fully functional. In Sonic the Fighters, whenever a character's eyes change, a new eye object is loaded in place of the previous eye objects. Honey's eye set is vast and was probably not intended to be used in the final game due to her character being scrapped before release. A character's eyes always follow their opponent. In Honey's case, her eyes are constantly looking at the camera and her other eye looks the opposite direction.

However, when cutscene after Metal Sonic is defeated is started, it seems to fix this eye glitch. This could be because of the way the cutscene is handling the eyes, forcing them to look around, and once the fight actually begins, the eye data is reset. This could also be because the character only needs to look at the opponent, and not the camera.

Honey's eyeset.

This shot of Honey being squashed by Amy's PikoPiko hammer is probably the best evidence to show around what time during development she was scraped. Her squished head and hands models load fine, but the rest of her body was not left in the game, probably a good indicator at how far into development Honey got. Also, this shows how Honey was based off of Amy's model designs. In fact, both her pre-fight and victory stances are the same as Amy's.

Honey in "Fighting Vipers"

In the intro of the Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers, the cat version of Honey can be seen as well as the Lunar Fox. This most likely indcated that Honey would have been playable in the Sega Saturn version of Sonic the Fighters.

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