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Unused Objects

Sonic the Fighters is a very incomplete game with many unused objects. A lot of these objects cannot be seen due to camera limitations, which also means some objects can only be seen at crappy angles. There are specifically 4372 objects in Sonic the Fighters, and objects with numbers close to eachother tend to relate to eachother. A secion of numbers can be all the objects in a specific arena or be specific to a character. It seems that the lower the number of the object, the earlier it was in development and the higher the number the closer the developers were to finishing a complete game.

This is either an apple or a cherry. Most likely used to gain health during a fight.

Bananas. Most likely used to gain health during a fight.

Beef. It's what's for dinner.

A Sonic Burger?

Iced Cream.

A 16-Ton Anvil. This could have been used in conjunction with Honey somehow, as it's object location is close to Honey's model's location and near an animation of Honey winking. Also, unlike most unused objects, this actually has a programmed and functional shadow.

A heart. Most likely used to gain full health during a fight.

An outline of a heart. Either used to gain no life when collected, or would replace the heart object after it was collected, then would disappear.

In Sonic the Fighters, characters expressed themselves with objects that appeared over their heads, such as a question mark.

Confusion or anguish. This could have possibly been animated.

Two different types of "YES!"

This particular "NO!" Isn't seen in the game.


This may seem very odd, but this was probably displayed whenever a character would perform a special finishing move simmilar to the "Friendship" found in Mortal Kombat. The following unused character objects support this theory. Note they are all blushing.

The following are some remnats from the Pinball level which was replaced with Casino Night.

A bumper type object. Probably used at the four corners of the arena.

Definately a bumper. Probably bounced players around.

Can't play pinball without flippers!

These objects don't really fit into any other category:

An X, Y, Z, coordinate object. This was probably used heavily durring development.

A red and green rocket. Absolutely no idea what this would have been used for.

Golden Gloves. Could have been a type of powerup to increase attacks.
From right to left: Closed fist, Open hand, Peace sign. Interesting to note the left hand peace sign is one of the first objects programmed in the game.

Here are the first three objects programmed in the game. They are spheres of some sort, most likely used for early development purposes.

A flopping fish. Possibly used in Canyon Cruise. Fish could have either lept from water and splashed back in, or found it's way into the arena, or both.

A bell. Possibly used for an end of game cutscene.

A container of some sort. Possibly held small animals and used for an end of game cutscene.

A flicky. Must have had some correlation with the Chaos Emeralds, as there is one flicky for each chaos emerald, and are the same colors.

A bunny. Must have had some correlation with the Chaos Emeralds, as there is one bunny for each chaos emerald, and are the same colors.

A different bunny than the one above. Also, this is the only one of it's kind, there are no alternate colors of this bunny, just this one.

A Soccer Ball. Placed with objects that seem to have no correlation whatsoever.

Pengo the Penguin. Standing, then sliding. Could have been used in Aurora Icefield or a mini-game.

Peno the Penguin's game for comparison. Pengo identified courtesy of ICEknight.

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