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Other Characters

Here is a list of all characters according to the game's data:
00 - SONIC
01 - TAILS
02 - AMY
03 - METAL
04 - FANG
05 - KUMA (Bark)
07 - ESPIO
0C - DUM4
0D - DUM5
10 - DUM8
11 - DUM9
12 - DUM10
13 - DUM11
14 - DUM12
15 - DUM13
16 - DUM14
17 - DUM15
18 - DUM16
19 - DUM17
1C - AMY_I
21 - ESPIO_I
24 - BEAN_I
25 - EGG_ROB1_I
26 - DUM4_I
27 - DUM5_I
28 - DUM6_I
29 - HONEY_I
2A - DUM8_I
2B - DUM8_I
2C - DUM9_I
2D - DUM10_I
2E - DUM11_I
2F - DUM12_I
30 - DUM13_I
31 - DUM14_I
32 - DUM15_I
33 - DUM16_I
34 - DUM17_I

All characters listed as DUM followed by a number are dummy characters, meaning the developers never intended them to be playable, the exception to this is 10 - DUM8, which is actually Super Sonic. Any character followed by an _I are the grayscale clones of that character. The only exceptions here are 29 – HONEY_I, because Honey uses a different outfit instead of a grayscale clone, and 34 - DUM17_I , which crashes the game.

All of the characters you are about to see have the same moveset, or set of moves they use in combat. The exceptions are 03 – METAL and 0B - EGG_ROB1 .
Here is the moveset:
Punch, Punch, Punch: "One, Two Upper"
Punch + Kick: "Propeller Dash"
Punch + Guard: "Knuckle Special"
Towards + Punch: "Big Slap"
Up, Punch: "Head Whallop"
down + Punch: "Dash Spin"
Up + Kick: "Stomping Dive"
Down + Kick: "Stomp Foot"

The unplayable characters in numerical order:

03 - METAL:

Metal Sonic at the character select screen. Note that both Player 1 and Player 2 have selected Metal Sonic, but neither of them are grayscale.

Metal Sonic's title card.

Note, this image is actually a mock-up based on data found in the game. Grayscale Metal Sonic data is found in the game in it's entirety, including his exhaust coming out his rocket, however, due to the game over-writing Metal Sonic's body objects so fast, applying the grayscale objects for a screenshot would be impossible. This shot is as accurate as it can get, except for the gray Metal Sonic title. It is currently unknown what handles the name data.

0D - DUM5

This is Eggman's Robot. It can be seen in the intro when Eggman sends these things down to Earth to reign chaos and destruction. It's interesting to note that the Eggman Robots that are seen on Eggman's viewing screen in the intro are low-poly renders of this Eggman Robot, most likely to reduce the amount of total polygons in that particular scene so it would execute at a reasonable speed on the arcade hardware.

A better shot of the low resolution version of Eggman's Robot.

Eggman's Robot at the character select screen. Because this character was never interned to be playable, it does not have any grayscale version of itself within the game data.

Even during gameplay, Eggman's Robot rotates it's head every six seconds. This is because of how the mechanics of the intro to the game work. The introduction scene at the beginning of the game is just a series of arenas and objects in them. During the part showing Eggman and the Eggman's Robot, Eggman is Player 1 and Eggman's Robot is player 2. Basically, the intro is automated gameplay with different camera angles. And since the Eggman's Robot character is programmed to rotate its head every six seconds, he will do it regardless if it is in a cutscene or not.

Eggman's Robot has the exact same moveset as the final Eggman boss. The only difference is in the triple punch move, where the speed lines are purple instead of white. This is probably because a different pallet is loaded for this character.

Eggman Boss's move for comparison.

OE - DUM6:

0E is Rocket Metal.

Rocket Metal is only seen in the intro to the game for about 2 seconds, before he becomes a series of objects that appear to make him transform into a rocket. The geometry to transform a player into a rocket like that would be to complex to program for such a small part in the game. The programmers get around this by replacing Metal Rocket with a series of objects in a row to create an animation, much like a series of images are used to create sprites and animated videos.

Rocket Metal at the character select. Like all DUM characters, he does not have a grayscale counterpart.

Interestingly enough, Rocket Metal does have his own title card.

Rocket Metal in gameplay.

11 - DUM9 to 19 - DUM17:

Dummy characters 9 - 17 are place holders, in case the developers decided to create more characters for the game, they would use these slots.

For all these dummy characters and/or characters without title images, they default to Eggman's image. The name, however, remains the same as the character's.

The two placeholder slots ingame. Note that the gray head on the one on the left could have possibly been to indicate that that place holder was for mirror characters only.

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