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SegaSonic Arcade

Platform: Arcade (System 32 hardware)

Sonic's first, albeit short, visit to Arcade land, came quick on the glamouros shoes of Sonic 2, and in the form of SegaSonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic teams up with Ray the Flying Squirrel (who never actually flies, and was quickly converted to trash afterwards), and Mighty the Armadillo (later seen covering for Sonic in Chaotix), to escape from Eggman Isle, having been captured at the start. Played on a isometric landscape (think Sonic 3D Blast), rather than a controller, SegaSonic is controlled by a Trackball and a sole action button, and enables up to 3 players to exhaust themselves and bruise their hands all at once. The seven stages of SegaSonic aren't a simple walk in the park however, you're forever being chased throughout, and whilst there are hardly any enemies to destroy, there are plenty of obstacles and traps to halt your progress as severely as a Sonic Heroes release date. These can be avoided or destroyed by dodging, or pushing the action button that causes you to jump in colourful sphere, in similar fashion to every other Sonic game in existence. SegaSonic is one of the few games to feature a health meter for our hedgehog and friends, which is weakened by falling off the course, being hit, smushed, or ran over, by the various traps, and replenished by collecting the numerous golden Rings scattered about each stage. If the bar depletes, so do your pocket-fulls of cash.

SegaSonic had a rather healthy Japanese arcade release, yet was never translated into English, and only appeared in a handful of American and European Arcades; for still unknown reasons, even after receiving quite a loving response in 1993, when it featured at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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