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Notes From Jared Matte : The first ever appearence of Sonic the Hedgehog in the arcades. Essentially a ride-on machine for kiddies with a little minigame tossed in. Imagine the original Sky Chase Zone from a top-down view, and replace the Tornado with a police car. On your permanently set northward journey, you can avoid cars by moving left and right. You can also jump out the car (after which you land right back in), but the only use for this feature is to defeat Eggman. The two-minute story sort of plays out in the course of the action: officer Sonic heads out from the station and hits the streets, on what appears to be a routine patrol. (On the way, you encounter a traffic light and must stop to let Flicky and the gang pass.) Ah, but not even having Sonic join the force will make you-know-who think twice about causing problems. On the patrol, you spot a familiar fat figure pushing cars off the street in a vehicle of his own. All that stuff with Chaos Emeralds, Death Eggs, and ancient liquid monsters is bad enough, but this is just plain mean. Looks like it's time to stretch the long arm of the law (and it's going to be one major stretch to reach around that egg-shaped gut of Eggman's). Turn on the siren and lay the chase on the Doc...the makings of a really bad episode of "World's Scariest Police Chases"! As per usual, Eggman can be taken out with a few spins, just watch out for the bombs he's chucking at you. Whether you defeat him or not, Sonic eventually drives in to another police station and says something to you in Japanese.

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