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Sonic Pocket Adventure

After the semi-successful Sonic Adventure came and went, fans were digging Sonic's new 3D style. However, many still longed for traditional 2D platforming, which was present in the classic Genesis titles. SEGA knew this, and thus, they delivered. SNK, a well-known gaming company, and their faithful handheld known as the NeoGeo Pocket Color, seemed like a perfect target for a 2D Sonic game. The two companies happily merged for this project, which was known as Sonic Pocket Adventure.

Sonic Pocket Adventure was based solely on the 2D Genesis games, in terms of audio, graphics, and specifically, levels. This installment's stages were greatly inspired by Sonic 2's levels; easily recognizable stages were present, such as Sky Chase Zone and Chemical Plant Zone. Even the 3D Special Stages mimicked those of Sonic 2. Music tracks were widely taken from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, as well as Sonic Jam (Sega Saturn), yet were slightly remixed to fit the NeoGeo's hardware.

The most notable aspect of Pocket Adventure was a series of mini-games, which were separated into three "rooms". The Time Trial Room, as the name states, was a mode in which the player had the ability to race against the timer after choosing the desired level. The second room, known as the Puzzle Room, was basically an area that required the player to collect certain puzzle pieces throughout the game's stages. Upon collecting a puzzle piece, it would then be placed on a large board, along with every other collected piece. Obviously, like a jig-saw puzzle, the pieces would then have to be rearranged to form a picture. The final room, known as the Duel Room, was a multi-player mode which was separated into two sub-games, with the first game being a basic relay race from start to finish, and the other being a ring hunt, which required the opponents to obtain a chosen number of rings. While Sonic Pocket Adventure was not known for its originality, it still convinced veteran Sonic fans that the hedgehog still had many more 2D adventures ahead of him.

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