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The Many Faces of Chao Garden

Sonic Advance

This was one of the first two games that the Tiny Chao Garden Appeared.
(The other being Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, which I don't have a copy of.)

This is the gay rock paper, scissors game. I have no clue how to play it.

And this is the matching game that appears in every chao garden so far.

Sonic Advance 2 (Hidden Feature)

The game is basicly the same as Sonic Advance, other then this Cream Minigame.

Sonic Adventure: DX

First off, your chao is not hatched, it's dropped.

The Sonic Minigame. No clue what the fuck you do, but it requires Sonic to carry chao around.

The garden setup is the same

Phantasy Star Online
(Only one with a title screen so far, also contains the Tails Chao.)

The colors are much lighter.

And then there was Tails Chao.

and the return of the gay ass rock/paper/scissors game

Sonic Pinball Party

same ol' shit

And the weird ass "Othello" game.

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