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Sonic CD has 2 known betas, this is the younger of the two. The file dates are 5/12/93, so that's the assumed build date. It seems very unfinished, very early in development. It's set to U-NTSC, for the US Sega CD. It is a very obvious press release, because the build is setup as a demo, and stops after a few levels. Here are some differences.

SEGA screen before the title, with the "SE-GA" voice.

different title screen and Time Attack exit pic

missing TVs. The blue ring and the "S" will put you into "Super Sonic" mode for an amount of time. Like if you would hit the invincibility TV and Power Sneaker tv at the same time. The clock stops the rings from spinning.

Different end sign. Oh, and if you jump in the Giant Ring, Sonic will dissappear, but the ring will remain there.

Special Stage demo. This demo is the only Special Stage in the game, with that stupid blinking text on top of it. It's close to the 2nd Stage from the final in layout. The stage has Oil tracks in it, but not a single UFO to destroy.

The intro FMV has different background art. The FMV itself is mostly the same, however, the scene where the chain pans up to the Little Planet is actually reversed in the final (going from the planet down). The text reads 'Kaihatsu Gamen,' meaning 'Development Video.'

Stage Select and Debug

Stage select and debug are open for tampering with in this build.

Stage Select - At the title screen, press start on the player 2 controller. Then start on the player one controller.

Debug mode - press start on 2nd controller during gamneplay. This will spawn another flashing sonic, (which you can use) and allowing you to press buttons on controller 1 to alter the objects.

And after beating the 1st 3 levels, you're treated to this shit: A scrolling marquee that says coming soon. woo-hoo.

Music changes

- There are 32 tracks
- The Time Attack, Opening and Ending themes are not on it at all
- Tracks 2-24 and 32 doesn't have fadeout at the end.
- Tracks 25, 26 (title screen) and 28 (super sneakers) are totally different from the final
- Track 23 has slightly different volume levels in it.
- Track 31 (Special Stage) is a lot longer. They should've keeped that.

Other crap

- The number on the life counter is slightly above where it should be
- Debug is enabled in Time Attack, and works like in-game
- When you travel time, you'll get an awful sound from the sound chip
- the Invincibility and Power Sneaker music will not play if you pick up the powerups.

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