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Quartz Quadrant differences

The switches that change the conveyer belts direction are different, and they don't work.

Tubes are not working

Unbreakable walls

These were here, I didn't put them here with debug.

The spikes are different.


The tv on the left can be found in the 510 prototype. The picture on the right is from the 712 prototype.
This is the opposite of the Eggman pic, thats in the same place, but in Bad Future.

Found by Kurairyukakumei.

Every zone in 510 features a different enemy flower. In the final, every zone had the same flower.

Other notes:
- The palette is different in Present and Bad Future
- There are no rings, TVs or badniks placed. But they are loaded, you can find them in Debug mode.
- Badniks have different palette too.

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