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Metallic Madness differences

Left: that bridge thingy is constantly opening and closing by itself. It is still in the 712 beta at some places, but not in the final. Also, that pit there is endless. Right: The badniks palette is different.

These things were cut from the 712 release. They move to the left and right quickly.

There are 4 of these, with a hole in them, and they don't squash you, instead they push you into the ground.

Act 3 starts up here.

The spinning platforms were cut out.

the bumpers are glitched. Also, the wall is missing from the right.

This "iron curtain" is covering the shifting platform when it shouldn't

You can run outside of the area while the boss isn't there.

Background is different. Also after you beat Eggman, Amy will not run in, and you'll be returned to the title screen.

Every zone in 510 features a different enemy flower. In the final, every zone had the same flower.

Other notes:
- Only the badniks, and some of the objects are placed (some of them are misplaced). No rings or monitors.

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