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Sonic 32x
Sonic Xtreme started out a long ago, longer then anyone remembers. At first, like every other game, it was just a big pile of concepts and ideas. Due to the numerous restarts Sonic xtreme had however, many of these concepts never realized. Either because they were stupid, or because they just couldn't work.

Here are the notes of Don Goddard, from early pre-production, when Xtreme (Sonic 32x back then) was still intended to be on the 32x. You can read about early game and level concepts in it, such as "Logjammer zone" or "Sonic Bowling".
Download Sonic 32x convepts here

Sonic 32x Sprites!

These game sprites predate the one used for Xtreme. They were drawn by Chris Senn (the one you saw in the "final" game were done by Ross Harris) over a decade ago.

Enclosed in a costum format, they were recently cracked by Sanik for your viewing pleasure. They are quite a bit different then the one we had previously.
Also included in the archive is a sample from the original, encoded versions (with TGB and BGR file extensions).
Download Sonic 32x sprites here

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