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Jeff Tschiltsch

My name is PACHUKA. I'm searching the internet for a man with
the name Jeff Tschiltsch from the AOL VGS Forum (around 96-97). His email then
was Are you him? If so, I have some questions to ask! I look
forward to your reply!

Yes, that was me, what can I do for you?


I run a site called Sonic CulT ( and the
point of the website is to research the little oddities on the Sonic
Series of games. One of our biggest desires is to obtain information on the
canceled title "Sonic Xtreme". The only known video footage
of the game I've ever seen was a small avi clip with your name on it.
This prompted me to seek you out and see how you obtained this footage.
Can you tell me how you got this footage?

Ha, I get a lot of questions on that clip! Sadly there isn't much to
tell. I digitized the footage from an E3 "highlight reel" videotape
that was given to editors attending the show, and unfortunately I got
rid of the tape eons ago or I'd re-digitize it to better quality
(back then with 36k modems you couldn't have the "huge" files we do now).
As far as I know, that's all there is of that game, I never got a beta
or anything else on it.

Actually, that's a big help! Now I know where the footage came from,
I can start digging to find others with it. Was it just given to the
editors of game magazines/sites?

Yeah, maybe some large store/retailers as well, it was a promotional
tape for the industry.

Ok, Thank you very much!

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