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Chris Coffin boss engine test

At the very least there are 2 prototypes of Xtreme to exist. One of them was auctioned for two thousand and five hundred dollars, and bought for the sole reason so none of you can get a copy (as the community also raised this sum of money, it went to a private buyer instead because he will not rip it).
Well, least we got some pix of it. Judging from those, former devs like Chris Senn and Mike Wallis told us that this wasn't even the real game Sonic Xtreme, but some hurried and messed up demo disc. That's 2500 bucks well spent folks.

What it does look like is Chris Coffins boss engine supposedly used for the Metal Sonic boss stages. But other then the HUD, it doesn't look that similar (not enough pictures from the Metal Sonic boss level to judge), so for all we know this disc may be using the NiGHTS engine. Without looking into the game file we cannot know for sure.

So, knowing that you will never get to play this, disassemble this, nor learn more of this, here are some pretty pictures.

Note: the last 4 images with the GF watermarks PREDATE the surfacing of this prototype by years. They were found on a now possibly defunct site. Interesting....

The actual physical disc, stating Jade Gully 718, the build date of this demo.

The game running in the hacked version of the craptacular Saturn emulator: Girigiri

Files on the disc. Not much of data there, huh?

animation of what this thing looked like in action.
Click HERE for the unwatermarked clean version.

Other stuff:

- Anigif again with Chris Coffins name rightfully reinserted.
- Sanik was so good at restoring Assemblers bloated anigifs that Assembler made a desperate attempt at wooing more attention by making a scapegoat out of Sanik.
- hires shot of a lowres game with normal res Assemblergames logo
- redux version of above
- Magazine article of HXCs (member of our forums) retelling of the story part 1
- Magazine article of HXCs (member of our forums) retelling of the story part 2
- Magazine article of HXCs (member of our forums) retelling of the story part 3 forums, auction thread forums, after the auction thread

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