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Unknown second prototype
Nothing much there is about this one unfortunetaly. Assembler, after the huge fiasco of the first prototype, opened another mysterious thread, with a "community release" of another Sonic Xtreme build.
That's all fine and dandy so far: this proto is supposed to be the actual fisheye-lens game, near complete, but with no audio (which they planned to rectify by inserting a costum soundtrack to the released -if released- iso).

Problem was: no screenshots. No info. No nothing. The mysterious seller wanted complete secrecy and thus people offering money for this would have to offer money blindly.

Problem number 2: Many people who worked on the game till the end stated that there NEVER was a "near complete" build. With the lack of screenshots or any kind of proof that this prototype even existed, and the fact that the seller bailed out once the serious bids started coming in, we could safely file this one under "fake", could we?

Perhaps, but theres another small tidbit: In the past, rabid Sonic fans from SFGHQ, Sonic HQ, Sonic Classic, and other faggy furry freedom fighter fanpages flooded (quintuple alliteration - world record!) the forum of Ofer Alon, lead programmer of Sonic Xtreme, with badly worded and offensive posts begging for him to rip a Sonic Xtreme prototype. Which - as I was informed - he indeed owned at one point in the past, and it also had quite a few levels complete, even if it wasn't "nead complete". After that event, Ofer closed his forum and broke all contacts with the "Sonic community". And was hardly seen again.

Perhaps he found his copy and decided to sell it? Or perhaps the Assemblergames topic was just a hoax? Well, only Assembler knows about it. forum link to this auction

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