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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Early Beta

The year was 1998. The "Sonic community" was at it's smallest, with little or no research coming in, and theories abound. Until a man named Simon Wai stepped into the ring and brought the Sonic 2 Beta cart to the public after finding the ROM hidden deep inside some random Chinese ROM site. 8 years later, whatever shred of innocence and secrecy the Sonic 2 Beta had had been all but ripped away by hacker after hacker after hacker. Then a new challenger stepped into the ring to become a legend in the community. His name is drx. Him and a team of donators paid a pretty penny for what they believed would be another version of Sonic 2 Beta, not unlike the one Simon uncovered. Imagine drx's surprise when he found he was possibly playing the same cart featured on Nick Arcade so many years ago. Drx uncovered a second, older prototype version of Sonic 2, quite different then the one originally discovered, and it was 1998 all over again.

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