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Pre-Beta vs Beta differences
There are quite a few things in this beta that didn't quite make it to the later beta

First off, zones don't have their Sonic 2 names yet, they still conform to the Sonic 1 zone names.

Secondly, all music in this game is from Sonic 1. Either Dreams Come True wasn't finished composing music for this game or they didn't bother to put it in yet, whichever the reason the entire music library is from Sonic 1.
In the later beta, Tails' ledge, stop, and fly sprites are actually in the ROM, but not implemented. They are not present at all in this version.

This animation was found hidden deep inside the Sonic 2 Beta rom, but only until now have we discovered its true purpose:

Click for 2 MB anigif

Yep, it was actually designed to happen when you hit the wall. This is actually pretty buggy, observe:

If you hit a wall near an enemy, you are "invulnerable..."

...until you stand up... which point if the enemy is still there you will then take damage.

If you hit a wall underwater, you fly higher up than normal, and if you manage to get out of the water in mid-flybackthe game does not register you as out of water, so if you're drowning, your counter cannot reset.

In fact you can still drown in mid-flyback, even if you exit the water.

The game will also do some weird shit if you drown in mid flyback:

Wall hit, and about to drown...

...drowning animation occurs...

...yet when you touch ground, you stand up as if you just normally hit a wall...

...then Sonic does the remainder of his drowning standing up..

Sonic and Tails had different, symmetrical signposts in this version.

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