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Marble Zone (Chemical Plant)

Chemical Plant is all fucked up in this beta. It's completely baren of any life other than Sonic and Tails. However right off the bat you notice something pretty strange:

What the fuck? Pink?! Besides looking really, really queer, this actually helps date the prototype as a whole:

Sonic 2 Beta/Final

Screengrab from Nick Arcade video

Sonic 2 Pre-Beta
Both the Nick Arcade build and this build have the same pink background, along with the lower building on the left.

You were apparently supposed to originally run in the tubes rather than jump in them, though they aren't functional in this version.

Act 1 Maps:


The beta map was adjusted and tweaked quite a bit in order to make the level longer, other than that, the stage hasn't changed drastically

Act 2 of this zone is a copy of Act 1 minus objects and with GHZ1's ring layout.

Act 3 is much of the same, except it appears a boss was programmed, but not implemented. Drx however, managed to implement what he could of the boss. It doesn't do much but move left and right a lot. Savestate here

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