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Spring Yard Zone (Hidden Palace)

You were hoping for some uber awesome alpha Hidden Palace thing? Sorry, not gonna happen. HPZ is exactly the same as we saw it in the original beta sadly. This is actually pretty significant. Why? Well it helps date HPZ. May I direct you to the infamous Tails monitor:

So what? It was in the other beta as well. However, let me also direct you to the GHZ area where a Sonic monitor ought to be:

A Tails monitor. Well golly gee, so the fuck what? Well, this helps us know how early HPZ was added into Sonic 2. It may have been one of the first few zones to have ever been added. It's also doubtful any progress was EVER made on it from this point onward, as the layout is exactly the same in the final version of Sonic 2, so it was also one of the last zones to be removed.

Other things to note:

When you stay in the water until the drown countdown start then jump out Labyrinth music will play

You can place the Tricerabot, Pihrana, crocbot, and even buzzbombers via debug, but their art appears messed up. It can be fixed like the picture by using the PAR code 01C1D8:0007

Other than that there isn't much to say about HPZ in this beta that hasn't been discussed in the Simon Wai beta, so let's move on.

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