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Scrap Brain Zone (Hill Top)
Hill Top Zone is pretty incomplete, and has some big differences compared to the later beta/final

First off, you'll notice the starting position is different than any build

Sonic 2 Pre-Beta

Sonic 2 Beta

Sonic 2 Final

As you move on, you may notice that the pully doesn't actually fall when it reaches the end like in later builds.

Lava doesn't harm you in this buid.

Not only a layout change, but a fundamental difference too. Note the weights on the catapults are actually the little green circle on the middle. Why is this so important you ask?

This is from Sega Visions dated August/September 1992. Note the area, as well as the green ball is the same in this build. This and the similarities with the Nick Arcade video may show that these may in fact be the same prototype, rather than two different ones. Interesting to note that the ball will still harm you like normal. Obviously they planned to have an enemy there, they just haven't gotten around to making the art for it by this point.

This pully stops at this point, which it doesn't in later versions.

As you reach the end of your journey to act 1 you think you're almost home free, but what's this? The tube stops abruptly, killing you. This is most likely because the vertical scrolling wasn't completely finished for this zone, as there is actually still art and ground under there, you just can't reach it.

Act 1 maps:



Minor differences around the middle to lengthen the level just a bit, other than that, they're pretty much the same

Let's move on to Act 2, or what we can of it.

We start out in a dead end. Let's turn on debug so we can go further...

Looks like they haven't gotten around to making any objects in this level.

Earthquakes haven't been added yet it seems

Anywhere past this point and the game will lock up. Why? Think Sonic 1. At this point in Sonic 1 the game loads the "HA HA HA I AM ROBOTNIK AND I WILL JUMP ON THIS BUTTON WITH BOTH FEET" sequence, which isn't in the game. The game goes "holy shit hax" then crashes.

Act 2 maps:



Act 2 in our beta contains quite a bit of differences, and is very incomplete.

So let's try going to Act 3

What the shit? In Act 3 we're taken to some funky-ass level with discolored CPZ tiles. What gives? Well. think Sonic 1. Act 3 of SBZ is a version of Labrynth Zone with a different pallete. Labyrinth zone in this beta is a messed up zone with CPZ tiles. So it makes sense that this level looks the way it does. Just like in Sonic 1, if you go to the top of the screen and move to the right using debug you're taken to Final Zone

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