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What the fuck is Sonic 3C?

Good question, my friend. It's no secret that Sonic 3 was a rushed, incomplete mess. I mean, just look at the level select. What wasn't known was how Sega originally decided to remedy this. They planned to, essentially, re-release Sonic 3, complete. This went under the codename Sonic 3C.

So what was Sonic 3A and Sonic 3B?

Glad you're paying attention. Sonic 3A is known to you and me as simply Sonic 3, or Sonic 3 Part 1. It's essentially Sonic 3 sans Knuckles and with the first 6 zones. Sonic 3B became what we know as Sonic & Knuckles, or Sonic 3 Part 2. It contained the final 8 zones of Sonic 3 and Knuckles could play along this time. In other words, Sonic 3C is simply Sonic 3 & Knuckles on one cart.

So what happened to Sonic 3C?

Well, for some reason or another, the project was canned in favor of lockon technology that Sonic 3B offered. There could be any number of reasons why Sonic 3 Full never came into play, probably the most logical idea is that the whole notion of re-releasing an entire game was a bad business decision. If released, Sonic 3C would have been on a 4MB cart. In 1994 those were few and far between, because they cost a bundle to manufacture. Had it been released, it probably wouldn't have sold for less than $100

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