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Lava Reef Zone/Hidden Palace
Lava Reef is another one of those zones that is complete, yet still has some underlying differences from the final. As usual sound effects don't play correctly or don't play at all, and LRZ2 looks a lot different. Also, your shields don't protect you against any projectiles. Also Hidden Palace doesn't exist in its current name in this build, at least not yet.

Falling spikes added in the beta

Exploding badnik added here

And here, along with a falling spike in the same area.

Monitor changed to 2 springs in the final

Monitor change

In the beta, you can just spindash out to the other side. In the final, there is a door you open instead.

What the hell are those boxes under the ground? Those are the monitors the signpost digs out

Wait what the fuck? Where are you going?! the hell did you get there?

Act 2 doesn't have any pallete change at all. Instead, it just uses the same pallete as Act 1. It's obvious they plan on doing that though, seeing as Sonic is running on lava here.

Some differences here. That moving platform isn't there in the final, and the rings have been moved upwards in the beta.

Knuckles doesn't run into Act 1. He just stands there.

Some scenery is missing.

For some reason, if you glide into the pistons of the driller before its drilling animation starts, all 4 pistons can be destroyed for points and animals like nomal badniks. When you land, it does its animation like normal.

This rock is changed in the final

When you glide into those small steps in the beta, Knuckles doesn't do his climbing animation loop like in the final. He just sits there like normal.

Spring removed in the final

The layers are messed up in the beta.

This stays all the way through Act 2.

Here, Knuckles is supposed to climb the ledge and jump over the spikes. He can do this in both builds, but the beta has the addition of a set of spikes on the edge making it look really strange.

By the second tube, the layers issue is fixed.

Act 3 (the boss fight), or as I call it "EGGMAN BOMBS THE FUCK OUT OF YOU WHILE PLAYING UNFITTING MUSIC" zone, is the same layout-wise, but still has some differences. Like most S&K levels in 0408, there are no sound effects. Instead of the boss music, the tranquil LRZ2 music plays.

There's no useless electric shield here in the beta, just the fire shield.

The fire shield that should be there in the final isn't anyhing in the beta.

The boss fight is essentially the same, however, the transition to Hidden Palace is different:

The lava doesnt harden in the beta, and it can still harm you. So wait, how the hell do we get to Hidden Palace?

Hey where the hell are you taking me?!

Oh I see, I just jump across these rocks and

Ah, home free! Wait, a second..


That's right, the entrance to HPZ is blocked, you can only enter via level select or via Knuckles' rouge, so let's do that:

Alright, so Sonic doesn't run into the level, he just stands there. Wait hold on, Sky Sanctuary act 1? And Sky Sanctuary music too? What the hell?

The screen seems to lock at this area here, but if you manage to get around it with debug, you can see that the area is still complete beyond it:

Aside from the spring, and some layring differences with the bridge (it appears in front of sonic in the beta), the area is the same.

This is interesting. Our little secret goodies area has an S monitor in place of the speed shoes. This is futher interesting because in debug, placing a monitor gives you an electric shield, rather than an S monitor, so this is the only S monitor in the entire game.

This area was changed from a 3-up to a 1-up and 20 rings.

Monitor change.

So why does the screen lock? The answer is simple, it locks after a certain pallete changes. Observe in the final version:

Note the purple bar to the left of Sonic. Now let's move a little to the right...

And the purple has changed to green! In 0408, the screen locks at this point (X value of 4600), but in all other builds, the screen doesn't lock, so you can run by and see the pallete change happen back and forth very easily.

Additionally, this bugs out in 0408 if you restart from a save point after dying or exiting a bonus stage. It sets the palletes like they were at the start of the stage.

Note the purples in place of the greens

This can mess up anything past the point of the color change that's collored green, for example:

The teleporter

The altar

This teleporter as well, all have fucked up colors as a result of this.

Anyway, after you fight Knuckles, the cutscene is a lot different:

First off, Knuckles doesn't do anything when Eggman steals the emerald. He just stands there and looks up

Later, you don't regain control of Sonic. You're forced to watch as Knuckles gets zapped by Robotnik

If you break out of the control lock with debug you find that not only is the Master Emerald solid but Robotnik can't be touched; you just go right through him, unlike the final.

Instead of acting like a macho badass and punching the wall, Knuckles just runs through it. No animation at all.

Here there's no cutscene or control lock, you just enter the teleporter as normal. Knuckles doesn't follow.

So what happens if we get the S monitor? You can't get the Chaos AND Super emeralds in this build, but is Hyper Sonic implemented? Let's see:

Nope, guess not. What about Tails, they must have put SOME work into him, right..?

Nope, he's the same garbled mess as always. He doesn't even have a different pallete or increased speed. His rings don't even count down.Well what about Knuckles?

No soap, doc. Still garbage. However Knuckles does change palletes and has increased speeds like Sonic, though like Tails, his rings don't count down. Alright, let's take Super Sonic and kick Knuckles's ass..

Wait what the fuck? Did Knuckles just punch me out? But I'm the god damn Super Sonic. Yes, Knuckles seems unaffected by Super Sonic's invincibility and can just attack him like normal Sonic.

This applies to any sort of invincibility, including ones granted from monitors. You can still attack Knuckles through normal methods though.

If you do manage to beat Knuckles while super, your super form doesn't go away.

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