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Sky Sanctuary
Because HPZ counts as Sky Sanctuary Act 1, both Sonic and Knuckles' routes are Act 2. More of the usual stuff here in regards to sound effects, they either don't play or play incorrectly. Music wise, Knuckles's boss doesn't work right. It plays Robotnik's theme after SSZ theme, like normal, begins to play the first boss theme, then goes back to playing Robotnik's theme for the rest of both fights. With Sonic, beating Mecha Sonic doesn't give you the cutscene where you run to the Death Egg, nor does it even give you an "level complete" message, you just warp right to Death Egg.

Sky Sanctuary is missing those air pockets that keep you afloat instead of dying.

This area changed a bit

This teleporter is off-centered

So to fix it in the final, they just altered the platform above it.

Shield addition

Monitor addition

In the final they added a cloud to catch you here if you run off the path and miss the platform

Clouds changed to collapsing platform in the final.

This retarded looking ground is fixed in the final

Knuckles is missing the teleporter and 3 rings in the beta

In the beta, the emerald only glows when Mecha Sonic is on top of it

The layering is messed up. The floating island is in front of the Master Emerald, whereas everything else is behind it.
Alright so let's kick Mecha Sonic's ass...

OK, so now what? Nothing is happening. That's right, Knuckles's ending sequence isn't implemented. He just stands there forever.

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