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Death Egg/Doomsday
Death Egg is mostly the same for Acts 1 and 2, anywhere past that isn't complete and is unplayable. In other words, the game cannot be beaten. Same issues with sound effects here. Things that shoot missiles play the same sounds as the missiles from Flying Battery.

You start Death Egg standing rather than running in

Monitor changed to a spring

Shield was added here (it was an electric shield, by the way)

This annoying bumper thing was moved slightly to the right to make it easier to hit from the right side.

You appear behind the miniboss in the beta.

Right before starting Act 2, the pallete changes too soon.

Act 2 stays pretty much the same except for very minor changes like monitors and stuff.

After you beat the boss you get an egg prison unlike the final where you just run off to the right

Free the animals and it's off to...

Wait Domsday Zone? Well whatever let's go kick some ass!

..or not. Doomsday isn't complete yet, they just threw the boss's graphics in the background as placeholders. You just fall down and die.
Well what about the other Death Egg boss? They must have finished him right?

Wrong, same deal.

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