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Special Stages
All the Super Special Stages in Sonic 3C are different from the final in one way or another. Some have been made harder, others easier. Also, the checkerboard pattern is copied from Sonic 3's stages; none of the stages have a unique patten.

For all screenshots, beta on the left, final on the right. Single images are the beta unless otherwise stated.

Completely changed, looks nothing like anything seen in the final.

Retooled quite a bit. The basic idea is the same, but the layout was altered drastically.

Well well well, looks like secret special stage 8 made it into the normal lineup! Other than that, it's not very simmilar to the final at all.

This one actually looks almost the same as the final, with the exception of a few blue spheres being moved around a bit.

Somewhat similar, however the arrangement has changed quite a bit.

This is actually a slightly different version of Special Stage 3 in the final (see above). A bit of the arrangement has been changed, but other than that, it's the same.

What the? This is Special Stage 7 from Sonic 3's levels! They just duplicated it.

Secret special stage 8 however, resembles the final Special stage 7 a bit.

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