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Bonus Stages
Sonic 3C only has 2 Bonus Stages rather than S3K's three, the orbs bonus stage has not been completed yet. You can only access the S&K slots bonus stage via level select, and the orbs bonus stage can only be accessed with PAR code FFFE10:1400

For all screenshots, beta on the left, final on the right. Single images are the beta unless otherwise stated.

The slots bonus stage has a completely different layout alltogether. It's missing the goal blocks, however the blue blocks still turn into goal blocks as usual, and the border is a much smoother circle layout rather than the seemingly randomly placed blocks of the final. Additionally, the background doesn't animate or move, it's completely static.

The orbs bonus stage hasn't been completed yet, only the background containing the orbs and the sides exists. The background does animate however. You just fall until you die.

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