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Mission Mode
Mission mode has only just started development by this point it seems. Only a couple missions are implemented, and the ones that are mainly placeholders and tests at best. You can enable mission mode by beating all character stories 100%, or by using the Easy Menu

When loading Mission mode as Sonic, you're taken to the back area of station square, with the Dreamcast Christmas tree randomly placed in the office area. The menu you see is the Mission menu of "Y Debug"

Load up Emerald Coast in mission mode and you get a keycard in front of you. Approach it and you get...

It says: "Mission 2 - It's Mission 2"

Get the tokens, and this comes up:

"Mission 61 - Mission clear"

Back in Station Square, You can get the Mission card here and get:

It says: "Mission 1 - drop the old man into the manhole 3 dozen times"

Then this stuff will randomly appear

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