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"Y Debug"
Let's move on to the other debug modes in this game. This next debug mode is a series of minor editors for lightning and stuff. They are activated by pressing the Y button, and each menu is changed by each consecutive y press. The menus are as follows

Character info display. Displays information about positioning and animation mode being displayed. Cannot be changed, only for display

Camera information. What's this, sega actually debugs their cameras? Appears like they do. This displays the position and angle of the camera. Cannot be changed, only for display

Pad information. Will display the X and Y values for the joysticks, and detects depression of the analog buttons. Possibly used for calibration. Display only

Fog settings. This will enable a fog of your choosing in the level. Enable the fog by pressing right on the D-pad, then press down on the d-pad and select your type.

Some times are more visible than others. You can also adjust the color settings of the fog to appear more like actual fog rather than a blue/green/red haze.

Clip and Sky settings. These will allow you to modify the draw distance and positioning of the ground and sky. Screenshots of each mode being changed:

Pallete settings. With this you can modify the pallete data of Sonic and possibly other objects. Each command can me modified by holding A and going right or left on the D-Pad

Light settings. This will allow you to modify the light intensity in a stage, maybe other things. Settings can be changed the same as previous.

Sound effect player. You can select different banks and sound numbers. They can be played using the R trigger.

Mission settings. In Mission mode, this displays the current status of different mission numbers, whethern they're in progress, completed, or not triggered. When not in mission mode, the text "NOT MISSION" displays.

Misc. settings. Here you can adjust things like number of lives, rings, whether or not to draw 2D objects like HUD data, and turn on and off frame skip.

That about covers Y Debug settings.

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