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Sequence Editor Tutorial
Let's go through another debug mode for controller port 1. Sequence editor.

Hold the X button down. Select SEQ EDITOR with the D-Pad and press start

We are now in the Sequence editor main menu. Let's try some things

First off, the Flag settings. In this you can turn various flags to on (Yes) or off (No). I've yet to find any effect of turning random flags on or off, maybe you guys can figure something out.

Event menu. Same as above. Still not sure what they do.

Scene editor. Here you can select which areas to warp to. This is the most crashy part of the game (for me). For example, warping from one action stage to another can crash the game (and usually does).

Press the R trigger to move to the Entrance Mode. select with the D-Pad and the Enter option at the top changes. This defines at which spawn point of the area you will enter from, keeping in mind that adventure fields have different starting points depending on where you originated from, same goes for some action stages.

For the sake of example, we'll select "EC DECK FB" which means Egg Carrier Deck - Front Back, which is the untransformed Egg carrier deck

And here we are! And we haven't even started Windy Valley yet!

But we can tell the game we did, using the complete flags. Use this to say that you completed certain events in the game, be it bosses or action stages. In this example I'll leave them alone...

...and move on to the Debug menu. Nothing special here, just shows some debug coordinates. Finally, let's move to

...the Sequence menu. Here you can select a sequence (cutscene) to load. In green is the current sequence we are at, or had most recently finished viewing. As you can see I completed Egg hornet. Let me select Amy - Twinkle

And the cutscenes for after sky chase and meeting Amy load. By this point the game sequence is incredibly broken. I haven't beaten windy valley yet, I dont have the light dash (I got the crystal ring messing with debug), and the back part of station square is still blocked off. The train is also closed, so I can't get back to the mystic ruins normally.

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