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"Port 2" Mode
This mode of debug requires two things:
1. You have two controllers, one in port 1, and one in port 2
2. You are in Mission mode.

Simply press the start button on the second controller and it's activated. Sonic cannot move, and all controls are handled by port 2. The controls are simple. the C stick zooms in and out, the D-Pad selects objects and modifies data, and the A button triggers object settings

The first mode features the mission editor. It's very basic, each mission has its own list of objects that trigger certain events. The Christmas tree is referred to as "Mi_TEST" You can also add and change different mission-related items.

Press right on the D-Pad to reveal..

Layout editor. This will allow you to browse through and edit all the items in a stage. Modify their location, ID's, size, you name it.

Now, when you press the start button...

To bring up the save menu. Unfortunately, we cannot do much with this, because we don't have the DebugAssistant.exe program. We can only guess what it does based on the following text strings in the game:

DebugAssistant: Connected to USB
DA_ASSERT failed on the expression:
%son line %d of file "%s"
DA_AppendFileToPC: path and filename required.
Ping received.
Help Menu - Registered Commands:
%s lists all registered commands
%s clears the debug window
%s causes an assert to trigger for testing purposes
%s saves GCN data (some text) to a PC file as an example
%s save light table. (file:___lighttbl.c)
%s save palette light table. (file:PL_??B.BIN)
%s save set table. (file:_settable????.c
%s save set data. (file:Set????.bin
%s save Mission set data. (file:SetMi????.bin
assert == 0
This is an example of a one-time assert.
This is an example of how you can save data to a file on the PC.
This is an example of how you can save/append data to a file on the PC.
Appended file 'C:\myoutput.txt'
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5
saved '%s'
'%s' failed
 +GOOD! Complete '%s'
 -BAD Failed '%s'
Output NSET...
 -BAD Failed  -- Not Active --  '%s'
 -BAD Failed  -- Err Malloc --  '%s'
Output MSET [SetDAta]...
 +GOOD! SetData Complete '%s'
 -BAD SetData Failed  -- Not Active --  '%s'
 -BAD SetData Failed  -- Err Malloc --  '%s'
 +GOOD! ParamData Complete '%s'
 -BAD ParamData Failed  -- Not Active --  '%s'
 -BAD ParamData Failed  -- Err Malloc --  '%s'
Unrecognized command: %s
Type  for a list of all commands.

We can probably safely assume that the DebugAssistant tool takes the modified stage layout and creates Set bin files for them. SET files contain the stage layouts for each map, so this is a particularly useful utlity for creating layouts, however, without access to this file we can only guess what its full functionality is.

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