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"Port 4" Mode
Alright, time to break down the next mode of debug, which I call "Port 4" mode, because all the controls are made by controller port 4. You still need a controller in port 1, but port 4 does all the work. Here's how it goes.

X Button - Invulnerability. The text "CAHR UNRIVAL" appears at the top of the screen. The text probably means "Unrivaled Character," meaning the mode makes you invulnerable. Enemies can't harm you and you can't harm them unless you attack them.

B Button - Camera Debug Mode - The text "DEBUG CAMERA MODE" appears at the top of the screen. In this mode, you have full control of the camera, here's how it goes:
  • C stick - Change the direction the camera is pointing (Target direction)
  • Left Thumbstick - Move the camera.
  • R trigger + Left thumbstick - Rotation. Moving the left thumbstick left and right will rotate the camera. Moving it up and down will move the camera straight up or straight down. respectively
  • L trigger + Any movement - Speeds up whatever movement you're doing to the camera.

A Button - Free movement mode - The text "FREE CHAR MODE" appears on the screen. Exactly the same as Camera Debug Mode, except your character gets to follow along with you. Controls are the same, watch out though, you can still get killed if you travel too far low. Also, since your character follows along, you can travel through doors into other areas like normal, and remain in free movement mode.

Z Button - collision debug mode. Remember the old debug code from SA1 on the Dreamcast? Well, it makes its return here, with all the same glitz and glamor as before, only now you get to play with it more by combining it with other modes.

Videos of this mode in action:
In the video you'll notice Sonic seemingly comes out of nowhere when I'm in camera debug mode. Actually, what I did was switch to free char mode and it magically brings sonic to the camera point.

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