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Hidden Music
The following are possibly lost music tracks dug out of Sonic CD. According to Iceknight's page: "One of the Sonic CD prototypes came with some files called SNCBNK*.BIN which weren't used in the game.". The following are those files, converted to MP3, then RARed.

update: full story: the PAST music in Sonic CD was not stored in cd audio tracks. They were stored in SNCBNK files on the game disc, and they used the Mega CD PCM chip for nice synth music. Got no idea why the Past music used those instead of CD Audio. But anyway, the 712 proto had more of these SNCBNK files - one for each zone in every time mode. If you want to listen to them from the actual game, open your cd image and in a hexeditor and hex up (exchange) the filenames of these to any of the past music. Then go to the past level for which you changed the music, and these will play.
Here are all of them recorded to mp3s.

Palmtree Panic Present
Palmtree Panic Good Future
Palmtree Panic Bad Future
Collision Chaos Present
Collision Chaos Good Future
Collision Chaos Bad Future
Tidal Tempest Present
Tidal Tempest Good Future
Tidal Tempest Bad future
Quartz Quadrant Present
Quartz Quadrant Good Future
Quartz Quadrant Bad Future
Wacky Workbench Present
Wacky Workbench Good Future
Wacky Workbench Bad Future
Stardust Speedway Present
Stardust Speedway Good Future
Stardust Speedway Bad Future
Metallic Madness Present
Metallic Madness Good Future
Metallic Madness Bad Future
Boss 1
Boss 2

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