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This game is the foundation of what later became Chaotix for the Sega 32x system. It's origins are unknown, the game is in very early development, and it involves Sonic and Tails holding rings by some type of sparkling rubber band type force. This ROM is in fact a "submissions" ROM, used to show off new ideas to management. If they like it, they produce it. Looks like they liked the idea. This game has been surrounded by mistery since it started to appear years ago, and a lot of misconceptions and theories became the widely belived facts. Such as

It's a homemade game. - Untrue. It is an official Sega Product.
It was released by a group called "sonic crackers". - Untrue. game was most likely released by inside sources at Sega.
The game has a "Cractro" (Hacked intro). - Untrue. The game is very likely to be the condition it was in when it was compiled.
The ral name of the game is "Sonic Studium". The biggest and most widespread untruth. The reality is, developers often put random things inside the games header, and try to be funny on occasion. Especially if it's in a production stage. (Example: The "Comix Zone" prototype lists the game's name as "JEAN CLAUDE CRAYON DANS LE ZONE COMIQUE")

Other Facts:

You lose a ton of rings every time you hit spikes, yet you have no rings.
The font is a lot different than any sonic game.
Even if you die, wait. the "special" stage will start afterwards.
To exit a "special stage" pause, and hit any button.
The Circus-type stage never ends, it just loops.
The palette swaping stage has no end, you climb to the top, and nothing.
The palette swaping stage will sound a game over sound after 3 minutes, then start you on a special stage.
The Circus-type stage will sound a game over sound after 1 minute, then start you on a special stage.

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