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Lost sprites

missing animation sprites

Sonic Pulling.

missing ledge animation

Different Restart pole. (Only avalible through hacking)

Tails does not use these animations in the prototype, but they are in the rom.

Tails does't fly in the prototype, but the animations are in the rom.

Tails' stopping animations. Not used in this prototype, graphics are in the rom.

missing crocobot enemy

missing drill animations

missing flame animation, hangover from Chiki Chiki Boys

missing splashing rock animation, hangover from Chiki Chiki Boys

missing fish

missing enemy, and the projectile it shoots.

missing bubble creature

prototype crawl

Missing Trycerobot

Spring TV

rolling ball


Lava bubble, from Hill Top Zone. Launches streams of fire, such as Robotnik does at the end of Hill Top Zone:

Lava Bubble in action.

Robotnik getting splattered

Octoshooter thing. This has different motions then the one in the final version.

2 different Seahorses
(Video of the pink rocketpack seahorse in action [in EHZ, so graphics ARE NOT CORRECT])

Robotnik monitor

Here is a video of various lost objects in the game, in action, so you can see how they work.

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