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Music and Lost Tracks
One of the more noticable things changed in this game some of the music. Though no zones have completely new songs, a few have songs used from other zones, and as a result, some zones use the same music for both acts. Here's a list of all the musical changes in the game:
  • Different "SEGA" sound at the beginning
  • Rusty Ruin uses Act 1 music
  • Volcano Valley uses Gene Gadget Act 2 music
  • Gene Gadget uses Act 1 music
  • Panic Puppet uses Act 2 music
  • bosses use the final boss music.

In addition to the changes, two lost tracks were found hidden in the ROM. The first track sounds like something that would be used in Spring Stadium, while the second sounds like it would have been used for the Special Stage.
Download them here!

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