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Green Grove
Of all the zones in this game, Green Grove contains the most differences. The entire level contains much more space, giving more exploration room.

For all screenshots, left is beta, right is final.

There is a ring monitor removed in the final

This entire area is expanded upon on in the beta


Odd monitor placement, monitor is also changed to the bounce monitor

Spring added in final

Many springs in this zone and others are missing lines of rings and continues

This area was shortened and changed into a pit in the Final

Monitor added and random placement changes

More of above


Ring monitor changed to speed shoes

As stated above, many springs are missing either rings, continues, or both.

This area is wider in the beta

Placement changes

Size changes


Random objects

Monitor added in the final

Area is wider in the beta

Act 2

The beginning of Act 2 contains a much bigger area, which was shortened in the final

(This is nearly the same area in both versions) More of above

Monitor change

This pit was lengthened in the final

Placement changes

More of widened areas


More missing monitors

Again, wider areas

Placement changes again

This entire segment is MUCH larger in the beta...

including this spot, which is the same spot in both pictures, except in the final there is less open space surrounding it.

In this somewhat hidden area lies an enemy rather than an invincibility box.

Wider area in the beta

More of the same


And again

After that I got tired of taking shitloads of screenshots of Green Grove because it's all basically the same.

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