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This looks like a really faithful asian port of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is for the origional NES/Famicom. But the odd thing is,instead of Sonic, MARIO is running around. Well, maybe not. They call him "SOMARI". It was more than likely from Taiwan. This game is HARD. Faithful, but HARD!!! I've only gotten to the Marble Zone. Enjoy!

Having trouble? Here is a Zip file containing saves of every level in NESticle emulator format.

Just like Sonic, But with Mario.

Various images.

It's not nearly as fast as Sonic, or as clean. But they got the loop! =)

The ending area. No sonic on that sign, eh?

The Beginning and ending animations are very faithful.

Robotnick is still in place. His ball is sort of odd.

Cart type 1.

Cart type 2.

Cart Type 3.

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