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Sonic? On SNES?!? Has Sonic sold out to the weaker system? Nah. But the Pirates who made this game did however. Ripping sprites from Sonic 1&2, with basic side scrolling run and jump play, this is different than any other Sonic game. #1, there is no spin dash, roll or flipping ball motions. Sonic has a 3-heart life meter. He collects rings, but doesn't lose them when hit. The levels are completely different than any other sonic game. And last but not least, he has to save mario's ass. Thats right, the blue hedgehog has to bail out the chubby plumber. This game isn't completely origional. It is actualy Speedy Gonzales for Super NES, with some music and level changes. Looks like someone leaked some source code. Maybe the people who made this are the same people who made the Gameboy game Sonic 6. (which is also a Speedy Gonzales game)

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