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Sonic into NiGHTS

A few years back, bout 1997 Sega released a special demo of NiGHTS entitled "Christmas NiGHTS". But little did people know, Sonic Team was up to their old tricks. Upon completing a level in the game, you could play a little game of memory to unlock different gifts. One of the gifts was the ability to play as Sonic. This was Sonic's VERY FIRST 3d appearance. He ran all around the ground just like the children do in the game, he wasn't restricted to a "track" like NiGHTS was. After completing Sonic's levels, you fight a boss that was set up after that stupid balloon opera lady with the bunny ears. It's Robotnik! He replaces her! It's a hell of a lot harder to fight this boss, due to the fact that Sonic doesn't fly.

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